Next Generation Trading Algorithm and Systems


Innovation turns Math into Profit

We   are   always   surprised   that   there   is   is   no   shortage   in Trading   Ideas   in   the   modern   world of   Algorithmic   Trading,    starting    from    a    simple    crossing    line    trend    trading,    break    out systems,    mystic    Fibonacci    numbers    or    any    other    Quantitative    Algorithm    to    find    an investment   oppertunity.   But   in   this   new   world   of   computer   initiated   trading,   one   thing   is important : Mathematic. Scaberia   Trading   has   used   years   to   identify   new   ways   of   bringing   computer   initiated investment   ideas   to   new   heights   and   beyond   new   horisonts.   Our   key   success   factor   is Innovation,   we   do   not   believe   in   just   using   the   latest   and   greatest   computer   technology, this   is   a   race   only   few   people   will   win.   We   do   see   the   oppertunities   in   Innovative   Systems using   proven   “math   based”   algorithm   for   a   fraction   of   resource   needed   like   in   any   High Frequency   Trading   concepts.   We   do   believe   that   Virtual   Computer   System   with   intelligent algorithm should work with resources not bigger than a tablet computer. And   this   is   what   we   do,   trying   out   new   innovative   ways   to   develop   computer   based trading systems and algorithm on top of virtual computer systems. Not more not less.
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