Next Generation Trading Algorithm and Systems


Most of our services are individual projects, from algorithm consultancy, high reliable virtual computer systems to algorithm training lesson and what’s this all about. Our clients appreciate the broad competence we can offer and have build up over the years.

Quant Systems : Turning Math into Profit

Quantitative   Trading   Systems   are   based   on   the   quantitative   analysis      or any     kind     of     pricemovement/korrelation     analysis     to     identify     trading oppertunities.   Scaberia   Trading   supports   the   entire   value   chain   of   building such   system.   This   also   includes   the   development   and   support   for   web signaling   services   or   similar.   A   typical   project   is   the   design   from   an   initial idea,   feasibility   studies   and/or   involved   Project/Risk   Management   to   a   fully unattended trading system.

Trading Algorithm Development

There     are     many     commercial     trading     platforms     available     such     as Tradestation,    Multichart    or    Ninja   Trader.    Scaberia   Trading    supports    the devoloment   and   testing   of   traditional   trading   alkgorithm   on   different   levels. This   also   involves   high   reliable   computer   systems   and   security   concepts. We   do   believe   that   a   working   Trading Algorithm   presents   a   significant   asset and needs to run on stable and secured computer systems.


With   over   10   years   experience   in   high   reliable   server   concepts   we   have build   up   our   own   virtual   datacenter   based   on   6   sigma   technology   concepts. Scaberia   Trading    can    design    and    deliver    high    relieble    server    concepts based on virtual computer technology.


There   is   no   shortage   of   trading   ideas   and   concepts   in   the   global   world   of computer   initiated   investment.   But   before   you   have   success   you   have   a way   to   go   and   passing   a   steep   learning   curve.   We   can   shorting   this   way   for you    so    you    get    a    faster    understanding    of    the    markets,    building    block concepts   and   player,   this   will   rule   your   success.   As   the   next   step   it   is mandatory    to    to    learn    how    to    build    systems    that    work,    mathematical principles  and indeep understanding of risk management.
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