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One   of   the   reasons   why   Scaberia   Trading   have   had   so   much success   over   time   is   that   we   have   been   involved   in   all   processes of   Technology   and   Business   and   can   provide   real   hands   one experience   to   our   clients.   We   are   not   selling   invisble   water   or   air in   a   bottle.   Especially   in   nowadays   complex   technical   systems   it is   mandatory   to   identify   the   interfearing   parameter   and   impact   to the trading system. Big Data starts here. A   typical   mistake   we   see   on   regularly   basis   is   the   limited   view   on the   trading   technology,   commercial   available   trading   platforms and    as    a    result    the    individual    trading    results.    As    we    have experienced,   there   must   be      a   total   system   view,   sometimes country   specific.   First   it   is   the   internet   connection,   is   the   internet provider    giving    a    good    Service    Level    Agreement.    Are    there backup   options   ?   The   entire   infratsructure   must   be   analysed, where   can      issues   occur   and   how   do   they   impact   the   trading.     Virtual    server    concepts,    sometimes    also    named    as    Cloud Computing,    are    the    next    challenge    a    designer    for    profitable systems   have   to   look   at.   Modern   systems   allowing   the   change   of building   block   parts   very   flexible   and   scalable   without   services interuption. The   total   analysis   is   part   of   the   Scaberia Trading   Risk Management analysis.

The raise of algorithm, the way to ‘fully

unattended’ automated trading

Once   you   have   a   well   designed   technical   system   in   place   you   still need   to   develope   sophisticated   algorithm   which   survive   todays markets.   Here   we   normally   start   to   look   at   the   specifics   of   the individual   market,   where   are   the   risks   from   a   total   system   point   of view   and   decide   what   approach   might   work.      But   a   sufficiant   risk analyses   and   repsonse   strategy   for   the   algorithm   is   mandatory. There   is   always   the   chance   that   somthing   happens,   so   how   shall the   system   react   on   this.   What   is   the   impact   to   trading   ?   Setting the    right    respnse    policies    is    one    of    your    major    work    in    the algorithm design phase.

The Challenges of Fully Unattended Automated Trading


The    sky    is    the    limit    when    modern    computer technology    leads    towards    the    wish    to    let    the tradingcomputer   should   do   the   work   alone.   This leads   to   a   lot   of   misunderstandings   about   the definition    of    a    Fully    ‘Unattended’    Automated Trading   System,   how   to   design   and   realise   it and the price tag for such a systems. At   first,   we   have   defined   ‘fully   unattended’   that there   is   no   need   in   monitoring   and   watch   the system    more    than    5    minutes    a    day,    but    this leads   to   several   challenge   in   the   area   of   system design, algorithm and system stability.

We know how to make systems that work reliable

Our   clients   are   always   sceptical   when   they   hear   about   our   concepts   and   philosophy      right before   they   sign   the   contract. The   reason   is   that   they   understand   that   our   innovation   is   not just   doubling   the   broadband   connection   or   computer   server.   Our   edge   lies   in   the   addition knowledge we have build up over the years. This   means,   we   are   not   only   building   Top   Performance   Trading   Systems   which   fulfilling   all reliability   and   profit   requirements,   we   are   also   monitoring   the   entire   trading   and   system, so   we   notify   any   failuire   which   leads   to   trading   impact   immediately.   Another   innovation   is the   automatic   ‘solving   the   problem’   software   suite   from   us.   So   when   there   is   an   impact   we can   set   policies   that   the   system   fix   it   alone.   Only   when   this   is   not   possible   someone   needs to   have   a   look   at   it   and   run.   This   is   why   people   like   us,   we   give   them   time   beside   curve watching   and   spending   time   infront   of   their   monitor   system.   With   our   Technology,   the computer   finds   the   Investment   Oppertunities,   does   the   Trading   alone   and   only   calls   when there is something he cannot fix. And yes, we know what we are doing.
Virtual Server Virtual   server   are   a   method   of server     hosting     using     virtual machines      also      defined      as Cloud    Computing    sometimes. This     allows     to     build     server which    are    highly    flexible    and scalable.    For    maximum    profit with minimum costs.
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